Tuesday, January 09, 2007

iPhone iFun

I'm a self-confessed Mac fan and user, although not an evangelist. But I stick with them and even ended up buying a MacBook Pro despite my early criticism.

To me, the unveiling of the iPhone today was an historical event. I'm with Steve Jobs who draws a line from 1984 (Mac) to 2001 (iPod) to today (iPhone). This thing looks like the real thing. Apple gets the right thing right: the ease of use. No matter the functionalities, if they're not accessible, they might as well not exist. Last month, Microsoft has turned Office upside down with their new ribbons - not to add functionalities, but to make the existing ones accessible.

Sometimes I think Apple and Steve Jobs must be amazed at the lack of competition. Once they release a product, the flaws of the competition appear so obvious. Actually, for me it's more that I don't even dream of getting rid of the annoyances such as incredibly clumsy web surfing on smart phones. But Apple does.

  • To me, the most attractive feature is the portable Google Maps. I have the sense of orientation of a rock and this means liberty.
  • The multi-touch is the biggest technological breakthrough. It will be commonplace in a few years. You've seen it first on the iPod (after the Jeff Han presentation!).
  • I'm slightly disappointed with the drive size (4 to 8 Gb) but it will soon increase as the flash technology improves.
  • I'm surprised that Steve Jobs didn't demonstrate the camera. I guess it didn't work too well for now.
  • By the way, how did they get a functioning unit 5 months ahead of release?!
  • No word on the processor to drive this mini OS X?
  • Wireless: does it mean I could install Skype and call for free?
I can hardly see myself getting one because I don't like to talk on the phone, and certainly not geting hooked in a 2-year contract. But don't get anywhere near me if you have one.

People dismissed the iPod when it was introduced. Have a good laugh when people will dismiss the iPhone until it is officially introduced.