Sunday, February 05, 2006

Commuting in Washington

I live only 10 minutes by bike from work. I am nevertheless fed up with the commute. I know it by heart: this traffic light is always red, Dupont Circle is always dangerous, one day my life will end on this broken piece of concrete at the corner of 18th and P, etc. Traffic is notable for three things in Washington. First, they're a bunch of honkers. I'm a zealot about honks: only use them to signal a danger. But here, it's India: you're not fast enough, your traffic light was almost red, go back into your lane, I don't like your tie, etc. So I give at least 2 angry looks to aggressive drivers per commute. Second thing about Washington traffic is that people have no respect for the yellow light. If they can see the yellow light up there on the horizon, it means to them that they have time to catch it. No matter if it turned red 1-2 seconds ago when they finally arrive at the crossroads. Third thing: sirens. It's like the whole city is constantly on fire or being robbed or whatnot. Today, 16th was even blocked for the presidential motorcade. Now, that's a phat way to commute.

I've tried walking, but then it takes me three times as long. The bus doesn't get close enough to my work, plus I just can't understand its schedule. So I have to bike day in and day out and face noisy drivers, dangerous corners and stubborn traffic lights. It's only 10 minutes.


At 1:41 PM, Blogger woman wandering said...

I can't get this one out of my head ... to me you're the guy who bikes to work in Washington and expects to die of it.

But seriously, I liked how you wrote this. It makes me smile whenever I think of it.


At 1:48 PM, Blogger Mozza said...

Well, thanks a lot. This post is special indeed - it wasn't written as a blog entry. It was a message to a group of friends. I realized when reading it that it was anonymous enough for my blog. Plus, it was much better written than my entries.

I can tell how I'll write differently depending on my audience. So far, my blog hasn't inspired me much. It doesn't put me into that state of mind where my writing goes up a notch (which is still not enough to see the light). But maybe things will change.


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